Happy SustainableUW Festival Week! Welcome to another Sqwatch coloring challenge! We are excited to offer another coloring challenge to children of UW students, faculty, and staff ages 2 - 12 (yes, that includes nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.) to help celebrate our annual SustainableUW Festival. Simply have your child color the 2016 Sqwatch coloring page and then send it to our office by Noon on Friday, October 21st. Students and staff in our UW Sustainability office will then select their favorites in each age category (multiple favorites in each category are possible, likely actually) and these will be posted on our website and shared on our social media channels. First names of child artists will only be included if permission is given by the parent or guardian.


  1. Have your child (or children) color the Sqwatch coloring page
  2. On the back of the page, list:
    1. the child's first name
    2. child's age
    3. contact name for a parent or guardian
    4. contact information for parent or guardian (phone or email)
    5. Indicate whether it is ok to include your child's first name if we post an image of the coloring page on our website or social media. Please write "OK to include name" or "Please do not include name" to indicate your preference. 
  3. Send the completed coloring page to our mailbox 351428 or drop it by our office, Gerberding Hall, Room B-40. Coloring pages must be received by Noon on Friday, October 21st to be included in the review and selection of student/staff favorites. 

Age Range: 2-12

Age Categories: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7-, 8-9, 10-11, 12

Questions? Send us an email at sustainability@uw.edu