Work toward achieving the vision of sustainability encapsulated in the UW's definition of sustainability occurs in units across all three campuses. The groups listed below exist to support, coordinate and amplify that work. To learn more about sustainability efforts at the UW, email

Sustainability offices

Rainier VistaUW Sustainability (Seattle)

The UW Sustainability office based on the Seattle campus was established in 2009. This office supports the UW-wide Sustainability Action plan, the Environmental Stewardship Committee and Sustainability Action Plan Executive Committee. It also coordinates efforts with the Bothell and Tacoma offices.

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UW BothellUW Bothell Sustainability Office

UW Bothell hired its first Sustainability Coordinator in 2016 to support the sustainability work of faculty and staff. See the UW Bothell Sustainability page for more information about the work of this office.

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UW TacomaUW Tacoma Sustainability Committee

UW Tacoma has a Sustainability Committee which works to promote a sustainable university community. The committee includes faculty, staff and student representatives.

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Environmental Stewardship Committee

The Environmental Stewardship Committee was established in 2004 as the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee. It consists of staff, faculty and students from all three campuses. A list of current members can be found here.

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Sustainability Action Plan Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets monthly to oversee the work of the Sustainability Action Plan and minimize barriers to implementation.

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UW aerial viewSustainability partners

The work involved in making our campuses more sustainable takes place throughout our institution. To showcase these efforts and make them more visible, we’ve compiled a list of sustainability partners. Please email us if you know of others we can add to this list.

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