Thank you for your interest in donating to the Voluntary Offsets/Local Technologies (VOLT) Fund to support UW's Another Solar Array Please (ASAP) Program to expand solar and other renewable energy on our UW Campuses.

Current Project: Mercer Court Addition (Array 001)

Using the form below, you can:

  1. make a general donation to the Fund in amount of your choice, or
  2. make a donation to the Fund in an amount that offsets your carbon emissions for a specific activity, commute to/from work, air travel for a year, etc. As an example, offsetting carbon emission for one round-trip US domestic flight is often approximately $5, an international round-trip flight is often approximately $20. If you want to be more precise, many carbon offset calculators can be found online that can help you calculate a donation amount appropriate to your offset goals.

You will receive notification of your donation from the UW Foundation immediately after making the donation. The UW Sustainability office will also send a recognition of the donation once we are notified of the transaction.

Thank you for supporting solar and other renewable energy on our UW campuses!