2023-2024 member list


Vice President of Facilities

Lou Cariello

UW Director of Sustainability

Lisa Dulude

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dianne Harris
Represented by: Gary Handwerk

Dean, College of Built Environments

Renée Cheng
Represented by: Rob Peña

Dean, College of Engineering

Nancy Allbritton
Represented by: Rebecca Neumann

Dean, College of the Environment

Maya Tolstoy

Dean, School of Public Health

Hilary Godwin
Represented by: Jeremy Hess

Dean, Foster School of Business

Frank Hodge
Represented by: Phillip Bruner

Dean, School of Medicine

Timothy Dellit
Represented by: Julie Reid

Vice President for Finance

Brian McCartan

Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity

Rickey Hall

Director, UW Office of Regional and Community Relations

Aaron Hoard

Associate Vice President, Asset Management, UW Facilities

Steve Tatge

Executive Director, Campus Energy, Utilities, and Operations, UW Facilities

Dave Woodson

Director of Capital Planning Strategy, UW Office of Planning and Budgeting

Bob Simonton

Faculty Senate Representative (Chair of Faculty Council on Campus Planning and Stewardship)

Jan Wittington

Associated Students of the University of Washington Representative


Graduate and Professional Student Senate Representative

Hema Velappan

Executive Director, Housing and Food Service

Pam Schreiber

Athletic Director, UW Athletics

Tory Dannen
Represented by: Karen Baebler

Director of Transportation Services

Anne Eskridge

Senior Vice President, UW Advancement

Mary Gresch
Represented by: Chris Thompson

Earth Lab Executive Director

Ben Packard

UW Investment Management Company Representative

Keith Ferguson
Represented by: Alison Bromley

Campus Sustainability Fund Representative

Sohara Shachi

Student Sustainability Committee Representative

Tatiana Brown



UW Bothell


Facilities Services Representative

Martin Arroyo

Faculty Representative

Rob Turner

Student Representative

Faith Lambert

UW Tacoma


Facilities Services Representative

Stanley Joshua

Faculty Representative

Jim Gawel

Student Representative

Evan Hoang

UW Medicine


AVP Clinical Operations

Louise Simpson

Operations Representative

Juan Escalante

Medicine Health Equity Committee Representative

Aric Ho