At the University of Washington, sustainability is in our nature. The UW is recognized as a national leader for its deep commitment to sustainability on our campuses and in the community. Learn more about the university's sustainability efforts here.

Sustainability topics


UW electricity use data and renewable energy programs.

Greenhouse gas

See our emissions data and the UW Climate Action Plan


LEED building information and green building standards.


How UW gets around, and resources for your commute.

Waste reduction

Resources and information to keep waste out of the landfill.


Conservation measures and ecological mitigation.


Get involved in food systems and production at UW.

See the data

Visualizations of the data on UW's sustainability performance.


UW Bothell

Learn about UW Bothell's sustainability efforts.

UW Tacoma

Learn about UW Tacoma's Sustainability Committee.

Sustainability Action Plan

The UW's Sustainability Action Plan lays out targets and directs our sustainability actions.


Find sustainability features on all three UW campuses, as well as historical information.