The Sustainability in the Curriculum committee was charged by then-Provost Ana Mari Cauce in 2012 to meet, analyze and report back regarding providing a more formalized and visible sustainability curriculum for undergraduate students at the UW.

Charge letter

2013 report to the Provost

Report appendices:

  1. Summary of existing UW sustainability coursework and connections among units
  2. Student survey results and analysis 
  3. May 28 ASUW Senate resolution and vote to support the committee's efforts
  4. Selected programs at other universities
  5. Capstone report: Integrating Sustainability into the UW's Undergraduate Curriculum
  6. UW Tacoma's proposed minor in sustainability
  7. UW Bothell:


In 2014, the Sustainability Across the Curriculum Committee was re-convened and charged by Dean Lisa Graumlich with developing a list of 12-24 individuals who represent the beginnings of a community that would help move efforts forward.

2015 report to the Provost, Deans