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Join the UW's Green Office program!

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The UW's Green Office program provides employees across the University of Washington with resources, education and support to foster sustainability in your workplace.

Offices participating in the Green Office program will:

  • Have at least one representative participate in a quarterly informational session providing information on sustainability topics to share with colleagues.
  • Fill out a short questionnaire on your current sustainability practices.
  • Commit to making sustainable change in your workplace.

Why join the Green Office program?

The Green Office program provides workspaces across the UW with information on ways they can operate more sustainably, while recognizing the good work they’re already doing. Our quarterly events will provide actionable information for you to implement in your office, while also allowing time for discussion and sharing among participants.

UW Sustainability will work to highlight innovative efforts and best practices by Green Offices, as well as providing resources to help all offices evaluate their current sustainability practices.

By joining the Green Office program, you’re helping ensure the UW remains a sustainability leader, while working to help us reach our sustainability goals!

How does joining the Green Office program work?

To join the Green Office program, an office must provide the name of at least one employee contact. These contacts will be responsible for sharing sustainability information with their colleagues (for example, sharing tips in staff meetings or office newsletters) as well as making sure the office has someone participating in the quarterly Green Office events (in-person or virtually). The Green Office program will provide easily-shareable sustainability tips and information along with general sustainability resources for participants.

We will also ask each office to complete a short questionnaire during the year on your current sustainability practices.

For this program, "office" has a flexible definition. An office may be an individual, a small group, or an entire department. A smaller office can encourage other offices within a larger department to become certified.

Members of any UW office can enroll their office in the Green Office program. Offices from UW's Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses, as well as off-campus locations, are all eligible to participate.

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