Updated from original target in FY21 Sustainability Action Plan “12% or less of commutes are single-occupancy by 2028.”

Transportation accounts for 45% of total carbon emissions in the state of Washington. Reducing the campus drive alone rate reduces greenhouse gases and other impacts on our transportation system, but also increases accessibility for those moving around the community. At all three campuses, the University is committed to developing policies and programs to increase use of sustainable commuting while advocating for increased transportation options with our local, regional, and state agencies.

The target was updated starting in FY2022 to reflect a reduction for Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses.

Status updates

Target actions for 2024

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Sustainability plan guiding principles

  •  Ensure students achieve sustainability literacy
  •  Choose our research conscientiously
  •  Keep equity and inclusion at the center
  •  Use resources responsibly
  •  Decarbonize

Transportation Services will work with our partners in regional transit organizations to expand transportation options and availability in off-peak hours to and from campus, allowing students, staff and faculty greater ability to utilize transit throughout the day, especially in earlier and later hours which may not currently be well-served.

In addition, Transportation Services will increase promotion and support of area Vanpool programs. These programs are offered by most of the surrounding counties and are covered by the fully subsidized U-PASS program, making them a viable option for many commuters. Vanpools may offer staff a more convenient option in the times when public transit is limited.

Transportation Services and Campus Architecture & Planning are working to complete a Bicycle Parking Plan, which is expected to be completed by the end of calendar year 2023. The Bicycle Parking Plan will provide operational recommendations to reduce parking waitlists and provide more secure parking in needed areas, with the overall goal of increasing the number of bicycle commutes to campus.

The Bike Parking Plan will address safe, secure and convenient parking by creating criteria for identifying sites and the types of parking to be added; and increasing and optimizing the locations of long-term secure parking (such as bicycle houses and lockers) as well as short-term racks. The Plan will also provide recommendations for replacing existing outdated racks with higher-quality bike racks and prioritizing specific places with high demand, and develop a process to integrate bicycle parking with future development projects being planned on campus.

The University of Washington Project Delivery Group is examining possible improvements to the Burke-Gilman Trail through campus. Two sections have been identified where there trail will be widened and lane separation added for cyclists and pedestrians, similar to existing sections along NE Pacific St. Upgrades for these sections are both currently in the design process.