Our food is particularly emblematic of sustainability, a personal and literal symbol of the connection between the social and the environmental. The physically closer we are to the original sources of our food, the greater our ability is to affect positive change.

At all three campuses, focusing on local food sources means we are engaging with, investing in, and providing support to our local food systems while reducing the carbon footprint of our community.

See the current actions we're taking toward this target below, or see our progress on past actions.

Target actions for 2023

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Sustainability plan guiding principles

  •  Ensure students achieve sustainability literacy
  •  Choose our research conscientiously
  •  Keep equity and inclusion at the center
  •  Use resources responsibly
  •  Decarbonize

UW Housing & Food Services will continue to explore ways to expand their plant-based and sustainable offerings while ensuring they meet student demand and maintain revenue needed as a self-sustaining unit, and will continue to explore ways to educate students.