Our food is particularly emblematic of sustainability, a personal and literal symbol of the connection between the social and the environmental. The physically closer we are to the original sources of our food, the greater our ability is to affect positive change.

At all three campuses, focusing on local food sources means we are engaging with, investing in, and providing support to our local food systems while reducing the carbon footprint of our community.

See the current actions we're taking toward this target below, or see our progress on past actions.

Target actions for 2024

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Sustainability plan guiding principles

  •  Ensure students achieve sustainability literacy
  •  Choose our research conscientiously
  •  Keep equity and inclusion at the center
  •  Use resources responsibly
  •  Decarbonize

To help raise student awareness and purchases of plant-based menu items, HFS is launching the Balanced Plate Initiative. This initiative will provide educational materials about nutrition guidelines, while also creating easy-to-understand icons and information on menu boards to provide customers with information on options that meet nutritional guidelines.

HFS will present to student leadership groups around plant-based and sustainable options available in on-campus dining locations, as well education around the impact of food systems and choices. In addition, the UW Sustainability Office and HFS are working with a graduate student in UW’s Nutrition Program to conduct research on best practices for successful promotion of plant-based foods.