April 20, Gerberding Hall 142, 12-1 p.m.

The theme around UW's Earth Day this year is water, and on April 20 come hear two presenters talk about ways to reduce bottled water use. 

Chrissy Cooley will speak about the social implications of plastic water bottles, and Nancie Weston, founder of Grayl, will talk about how to travel sustainably. The event is Wednesday, April 20 in Gerberding 142 starting at noon.

Chrissy Cooley, Agriculture Community of Interest Coordinator, Pierce Conservation District

Chrissy Cooley was the Sustainability and Resource Conservation Manager at Pacific Lutheran University when the school passed a student initiative to ban bottled water use on campus. Over 100 North American universities have enacted policies banning bottled water, including several right here in Washington, and even Seattle. Water privatization and commodification leads to an unrealistic, and ultimately damaging relationship with water that can have fatal effect. This presentation will focus on the social justice lens of water access, and outline the steps of banning bottled water.


Nancie Weston, founder, GRAYL

Imagine spending an entire semester abroad and not using one single-use plastic bottle! GRAYL Founder Nancie Weston will talk about how to travel sustainably and free from water-borne sickness. GRAYL is a Seattle-based company that builds water Purification [+Filtration] devices for Backpacking, International Travel, and Earthquake Prep Kits.To learn more about the product go to www.thegrayl.com


Bring your lunch (and a reusable water bottle) or just come to hear about the issues surrounding bottled water!