Husky Green Award 2019 winners

The Husky Green Awards are celebrating the 10th year of recognizing sustainability leadership at the University of Washington. The 2019 award ceremony will be held during the 2019 Earth Day celebration in the HUB Lyceum, April 22 at 12:30 p.m. The Husky Green Awards are given annually to students, faculty and staff from the Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses who show environmental leadership and dedication. See all the 2019 Husky Green Award recipients below, or see the full list of the 2019 nominees.

Husky Green Award banner

ASUW Student Food Cooperative

student group

ASUW’s Student Food Cooperative has played an important role on our campus in working to address the environmental, social, economic, and health impacts of our food system and agriculture. Their mission is to build a community of supportive, engaged, and empowered students through providing education on conscious consumption. This is evident through their various projects, such as the SFC Cookbook, which includes recipe ingredients that are in season for each quarter and where to find these locally, the Bean Basket bulk buying store in the HUB, and Humble Feast, a 4-course meal prepared by co-op students using locally-sourced, organic, and sustainable foods. SFC has worked tirelessly to promote and support local businesses and educate and engage communities to take part in sustainable activities.

UW Recycling

UW Facilities

Although UW Recycling’s primary responsibility is waste collection, they have taken this responsibility one step further by becoming leaders in providing innovative recycling, composting, and waste reduction solutions. Beginning in 2008, UW Recycling started the MiniMax program to provide access to recycling and compost across campus. This program has amounted to adding 3,175 unlined, self-serviced desk-side recycling/garbage bins in offices -- preventing 800,000 fewer plastic liners from the garbage every year. They have also converted 382 restrooms to paper towel composting rather than garbage, as well as continuing to grow the Student Cleanup Recycle and Moveout (SCRAM) program. UW Recycling is dedicated to improving access, awareness, and quality in waste diversion programs while also helping lead and learn from other campuses and communities.

Amy Kim

faculty, UW Civil & Environmental Engineering

As a professor at the UW, Amy has shown leadership and initiative when it comes to sustainability-related research and teaching. She has led the research on human-centric lighting and gained the support from UW’s Facilities Services to implement LED lighting fixtures and task lights in their current and future building floor retrofits. She has also developed and taught two sustainability-related courses, CEE 429 and CESI 599, where she provided opportunities for students to get involved in different research and projects related to sustainability. Amy also serves as a contributing member on the UW Green Building Committee for developing the next generation of UW’s Green Building Design Guidelines. All of these activities have proven her dedication in promoting campus sustainability through active community engagement and participation.

Jessica Moats

student, Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED)

As the Executive Director of Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED), Jessica has been an integral part of the organization’s growth and success over the last two years. Under her leadership, she has elevated SEED’s professional reputation, recruited new members, and expanded various programs, such as providing educational opportunities to teach incoming residents how to sort their waste and incentivizing the use of “Bring-Your-Own-Mugs” in dining facilities. Many credit Jessica’s leadership and dedication to sustainability as having driven the success and growth of SEED.

Jordan Fette

student, UW Bothell

Jordan’s high energy and enthusiasm combined with his dedication to environmentalism has led to his growth as a changemaker at UW Bothell. Taking part in UW Bothell’s Bee Research Team, he has taken on the responsibility of building and sharing knowledge of bees on campus and the creation of a formal database to record data collected on the bees and the plants they pollinate. He is best known for his “Bee-Search Safari” attire that draws the attention of visitors and students, giving him the opportunity to talk about these native pollinators and their key role in the environment. Outside of his dedication to bees, Jordan also works hard to promote sustainability and environmental education in exciting and engaging ways.

Rob Turner

faculty, UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

Rob’s interdisciplinary background as a geologist, oceanographer, and environmental scientist, has enabled him to be a true leader of sustainability at UW Bothell, both in the classroom and out in the field. Rob has been one of the principal faculty in the development of new UW Bothell degrees in Earth System Science and Environmental Studies. He also leads a successful undergraduate research program that allows for many undergraduates to participate in hands-on field research about water quality and various other community environmental problems. As a member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability (CACES), he has also helped to develop and move forward their Sustainability Action Plan.

Sarah McDaniel

student, UW Tacoma

Leadership, initiative, and dedication are some of the few words that people who know and work with Sarah use to describe her efforts in promoting sustainability on UW Tacoma’s campus. With there being no student group on campus advocating specifically for sustainability issues, Sarah took it upon herself to create and implement the idea of a Student Sustainability Coalition. Under her leadership, this organization works with campus staff to advocate for various student needs and sustainability goals.

Tammy Cox

staff, UW Bothell Facilities and Campus Operations

Tammy is a critical sustainability asset to UW Bothell and Cascadia College. She has brought the Sustainability Action Plan to life, finding ways to continue making a large impact on the campus’ energy operations, such as the implementation of load shedding. Tammy’s innovative solutions has worked to reduce the campus’ electricity consumption and natural gas consumption.

Warren Gold

faculty, UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

Warren’s contributions have helped foster a campus culture at UW Bothell that is supportive of student growth and achievement, as well as being focused on promoting sustainability. As an associate professor, his goal is to foster students’ fundamental learning instincts and curiosity, which he has accomplished through his development and teaching of a wide range of challenging and engaging environmental courses. Outside of the classroom, Warren also acts as the director of the UW Restoration Ecology Network, working to help restore hundreds of acres in our region to improved ecological health. His hard work and dedication has made him an inspiration to many.

Husky Green Legacy winner: Anne Eskridge

UW Transportation Services Director

Throughout her almost 20 year career at the UW, Anne has be seen as an effective leader and driver of sustainable change throughout campus. Working as the assistant director for Materials Management, Anne provided innovative, cost-effective solutions to expand waste diversion programs that contributed to the diversion of, on average, 50,000 excess items a year. Now working as the director of Transportation Services, she took part in the piloting and institution of the dockless bike sharing program that has contributed to significant reductions in campus carbon emissions. Through her work, Anne has shown her leadership, initiative, and dedication to promoting sustainable actions on campus.

Husky Green Legacy winner: Sean Schmidt

UW Tacoma Associate Director of Finance, Human Resources and Administration

Sean has worked tirelessly to incorporate sustainable practices in every aspect of his life. Working as a healthcare researcher and administrator at the UW, he led the formation of several initiatives, including Sustainability and Medicine (SAM) and the Multidisciplinary Efforts for Sustainability in Healthcare (MESH). Continuing his career at the UW as a Sustainability Specialist, Sean focused his work on tri-campus sustainability reporting and student engagement through his participation in EcoReps, Green Greeks, and various other student-led sustainability groups/initiatives. While he is now working at UW Tacoma as the associate director of Finance, HR, and Administration, he continues to find ways to be an advocate for sustainability and embed his passions into his new line of work.