The second annual Husky Green Awards winners were announced at the celebration for Earth Day by Ruth Johnston, Associate Vice President, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability office, Finance & Facilities. Five of sixteen nominees were chosen as award recipients for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Alicia Halberg

Senior, Communications Major

Alicia created and initiated the Compost Coop at McMahon Hall, which has helped divert 1,350 lbs of waste from our landfill. She coordinated a cluster system for compost pick up with each building floor that involved educating McMahon Hall residents, collaborating with Housing & Food Services Residence Hall staff and developing communication strategies to roll out and continue the program. Through Alicia's initiative, The Compost Coop demonstrates what one individual can do here on campus to support sustainability, while serving others through education about environmental issues and creating a sense of community within the residence halls.

Martin Su

Junior, International Studies and Communications Major

He is currently the Director of SEED and has been actively involved with campus sustainability initiatives. During and prior to Martin's role as SEED's director, he has demonstrated leadership with increasing campus awareness about composting. Martin's passion for sustainability is demonstrated through his involvement with various campus groups including SEED, FIUTS, the UW Climate Action Plan, and recently with the Earth Day planning committee.

Tony Guerrero

Facilties Director, UW Bothell

Tony served on the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee and has led UW Bothell's sustainability efforts. He led the Bothell staff in creating a sustainable campus through policies and procedures for wetlands use, energy and water conservation efforts, and he is instrumental to the campus's ongoing goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Tony demonstrates going beyond the call of duty and has been observed by his deep commitment to living and working sustainably.

UW's Recycling & Solid Waste

Building Services, Finance & Facilities

UW's Recycling & Solid Waste has been integral to reducing our carbon footprint here on the Seattle campus by diverting 56& of our waste from landfills. They continue to increase campus awareness about recycling and minimizing waste by outreaching to students and developing strong relationships with various campus partners. Their work is evident all over campus with smartcans, and recycling programs beyond paper, cans, and bottles. The Recycling & Solid Waste unit is a driver of sustainability, and we are proud of their achievements.


Students Expressing Environmental Dedication

SEED has helped increase awareness about composting at UW since 2003. They began as a five member student group, and now more than 30 student members are actively involved with the group. SEED has demonstrated leadership with environmental awareness on campus by collaborating with fellow students, which helps them understand the benefits of composting and participating in demonstration projects year after year.