To celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary, the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee announced the winners of the University's first ever Husky Green Award. City of Seattle Councilman Mike O'Brien kicked off the award ceremony with an inspirational address to the students, reaffirming the importance of individual and grassroots efforts toward environmental stewardship. Provost Phyllis Wise also added her comments and praise for the important sustainability work happening on campus. Astronomy Professor and Faculty Senate Chairman Bruce Balick announced the winners. Award recipients and nominees are recognized for their demonstration of leadership, initiative and dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Krysta Yousoufian

Junior, Computer Science

Krysta is the Associate Director of SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Dedication) and has been actively involved in development of composting program at UW. Acting as a catalyst for change, Krysta has strong leadership capabilities, and a long-standing dedication to sustainability. She has been described by her peers as an expert resource for all students on recycling and composting and a "shining personal example of the work she does.”

Alan Wright

Senior, Environmental Studies

Alan is an active member of the Green Coalition and WashPIRG, and assisted with the drafting of the University's Climate Action Plan. Most recently Alan took a leadership role in the Campus Sustainability Fund student green fee initiative. He also has reached out to the broader community, touring the US in a biobus educating others on sustainability.

Michael Meyering

Project Manager, Housing and Food Services

Mike has been a driving force behind UW’s composting program, and has provided continued support toward the University's Zero Waste campaign. He helped organize Coca-Cola’s compostable soda cup pilot project at UW and personally conducts waste audits through out campus.

Claudia Christensen

Purchasing Manager, Procurement Services

As Purchasing Manager for Procurement Services, Claudia encouraged and guided Office Depot, Fisher Scientific and VWR in offering more sustainable products to UW purchasers and in highlighting such products in their catalogs. Claudia also leads Environmental Stewards green team. Visit Procurement Services' Green Purchasing website for information on green purchasing and how to green your office.

UW Tower Green Team

UW Tower Green Team

Bethany Staelens, Education & Outreach, Syd Fredrickson, Conference Management, Cheryl Wheeler, Education & Outreach, and countless other volunteers. The Tower Green Team has been a continued leader in campus sustainability, creating the patio demonstration garden, implementing the Tower composting program, eliminating waste bins from workstations, and partnering with Full Circle Farms to have organic fruits and vegetables delivered to UW Tower staff.

UW Farm

Student Organization

Beth Wheat, Biology Graduate Student, Brady Ryan, Senior Mathematics major, Jennifer Ruesink, Associate Professor of Biology, and many other student volunteers. Located on the Burke-Gilman trail near the botany greenhous, the UW Farm serves as an educational experience for students to learn hands-on about sustainable urban agriculture and eating locally. The farm is maintained by student volunteers and staff assistants. Learn more at the UW Farm's website.

UW Tacoma Environmental Science Program

UW Tacoma Environmental Science Program

Jim Gawel, Associate Professor, Environmental Science. The Environmental Science Program has shown leadership, initiative and dedication through curriculum development, project design and implementation, public education and outreach, and active community organization and involvement. Learn more at the Environmental Program homepage.

Campus Sustainability Fund Team

Student Organization

Justin Hellier, Graduate student, Evans School and School of Forest Resources, Alan Wright, Senior, Environmental Studies, David Corrado, Junior, Environmental Studies, Katie Stultz, Junior, Business Management, and many other student volunteers. The team lead the development, organization and leadership for the CSF Fund proposal, demonstrating clear focus and commitment. Learn more at the Campus Sustainability Fund website.