University of Washington
Department of Forest Resources
Summer 2009

The UW is committed to reducing paper consumption by 30% from 2010 levels. As part of that effort, we are highlighting best practices on paper reduction from members of the UW community.

See our Reduce Paper page for more information on reducing paper at UW and the UW Committee on Paper Reduction.

This snapshot is from the Department of Forest Resources.

In Summer 2009, the administration in the Department of Forest Resources decided to reduce the numbers of copiers and printers in their three buildings. One multifunctional machine was placed on each floor, and faculty and staff were asked to begin printing to these machines.

What was the driver for this initiative?
In the Department of Forest Resources, we had over 100 copiers and printers. It took so much time to maintain them; it really began as a business decision as much as an environmental one. People had no idea how much time it took to support all of the printers in our department.

What did you do to achieve your goals?
First, we decided to try to win the hearts and minds of the people - engage them to do the right thing. It was also easier to implement last summer because the timing coincided with our new department chair- and he was very supportive of this.

What were the benefits? 
-We have fewer machines plugged into walls.
-The IT staff doesn't spend as much time running around fixing printers.
-Faxing is not supported - we asked everyone to send e-Faxes.
-The scan-to-email feature is great.
-We have more accountability of printing.

Do you have suggestions or recommendations for others looking to implement a similar program?
It is important to pick a good time to implement - a break is a good time. Also, you need a good rationale and you need to let people know why it is important - the tough budget time is a perfect reason.

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