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Center for Urban Waters
Center for Urban Waters in Tacoma, office of ~20 people
Certified for 3 years
  • Maintain a living green roof.
  • Recycle rainwater, which prevents stormwater runoff, and use this water and lab waste water to flush toilets.
  • Use geothermic heating solutions to avoid using energy to heat and cool building, heating and cooling is all done geothermically.

Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST)
Fisheries Building, office of ~19 people
  • Coordinate quarterly on-campus office restoration events to help "green" our University and offset carbon emissions generated from work-related travel.
  • Computers are set to automatically shut-down at 6:00 pm every night.
  • We run a marine debris program which helps to remove trash from Pacific Coast beaches.
  • Interns are educated about and encouraged to help us find new ways to operate in a more sustainable fashion.
  • We are transitioning to biodegradable scientific bird tagging methods as opposed to easier and more cost-effective plastic options.
  • We collect surveying supplies from volunteers leaving the program for reuse with new volunteers.
  • Turn off unnecessary consumers of electricity to decrease this demand.

Department of Psychosocial & Community Health
Health Sciences T-Wing, office of ~46 people
Certified for 2 years
  • Recycle text books, bubble wrap, and one side clean printed paper.
  • Install MondoPads in conference rooms for clinical conferences instead of having students drive in.
  • Share workspaces for part time and emeritus faculty.
  • Maintain a green bulletin board with current relevant conservation topics.
  • Encourage reusable water bottles.
  • Printer is set to default double-sided printing.
  • Paper towel composting in restrooms.

Office of Applied Mathematics
Lewis Hall, office of ~80 people
Certified for 3 years
  • Umbrella sharing program to encourage walking to meetings instead of driving.
  • Encourage guests of conferences to bring their own water bottles, use laptop or tablet for note-taking, using compost/recycling bins when possible, and using public transit.
  • Post a sustainability blurb on our conference website, and limit printed handouts available.

Office of News and Information
Gerberding Hall, office of ~9 people
  • Save rubberbands from mail and newspapers to give back to carriers for reuse.
  • Every staff member brings in a reusable water bottle.
  • Install a drinking fountain in the office with a water bottle spout.

Office of Research
Gerberding Hall, office of ~20 people
  • Compost paper towels in restrooms and kitchen.
  • Promote environmentally-focused charities for Combined Fund Drive.
  • Switch from paper to electronic versions of reports to campus.

UW Recycling
  • Use recycled tissues.
  • Share service ware and utensils.


Green Office Silver Logo

CAS Shared Services
Communications Building, office of ~5 people
  • Encourage paperless business processes among all client units.

History Main Office
Smith, office of ~2 people

Office of the Chancellor

Residential Life Administration Office

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Bothell, office of ~12 people
  • Use sustainable and environmentally friendly marketing and promotion materials.

The School of Nursing Learning and Information Technologies
Health Science Building - T-Wing, office of ~15 people

UW Libraries Office of the Vice Provost and Dean
Allen Library, office of ~18 people

UW Recreation
Intramural Activities Building, office of ~41 people
Certified for 3 years
  • Recycle bottle caps.
  • Solar panels on roof.
  • Transition to paperless timesheets.
  • Archery targets made of all recycled materials.
  • New turf field does not require watering or fertilizer.
  • Climbing center lights changed to reduce energy 20%.
  • Biodegradable gym wipes for patrons to use on workout equipment.

UW School of Medicine Dean's Office
Health Sciences Building, office of ~14 people

UW Sustainability
Gerberding Hall, office of ~8 people
Certified for 2 years
  • Avoid using overhead lights, and opt to use task lights and natural daylight instead.
  • Obtain sustainably manufactured furniture and purchase furniture made with high percentages of recycled material.

UW Tacoma Urban Studies Program


Green Office Bronze Logo

Facilities Service Office

Tioga Library Building

UW Bothell Sustainability Office
UW Bothell, office of ~2 people

UW Tacoma Education Program
WCG 324, UW Tacoma, office of ~5 people