Image of Sqwatch (a sasquatch) placing a banana peel in a compost bing

Even when we do our best to reduce food waste, it's inevitable some scraps will need to be disposed of. It’s important to ensure that this waste ends up in the proper receptacle - your compost bin!

The benefit of composting is twofold; it prevents food from entering landfills and emitting methane, while also allowing for the material to be reused to increase soil nutrients. By diverting food waste from landfills we are preventing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing transportation costs and creating a beneficial resource...

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Emily Adams on a beach with her dog

Emily Adams has joined UW Sustainability as the Project and Engagement Specialist. In her role, Emily will focus on engaging students and staff around sustainability. Emily comes to the University of Washington from Vici Health Sciences, a research and development focused pharmaceutical startup, where she served as the Business Development Manager. Emily brings a strong and diverse skillset to UW, including a comprehensive background in sustainable strategy, project management, and collaborative engagement. Prior to her work at Vici Health Sciences, Emily worked as a Product Manager at...

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National Sustainability Society logo

The inaugural National Sustainability Society (NSS) conference will be held this Fall at the University of Washington on September 9-11, 2024.

The National Sustainability Society is a community for everyone in the field of sustainability: researchers, students, policy-makers, and practitioners alike. This national conference will bring together academics, students, and practitioners within the field of sustainability to build consensus on...

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Danny Arguetty snowshoeing

Danny Arguetty has joined the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) as Program Director. CSF, housed within and closely collaborating with UW Sustainability, is thrilled to welcome him. Danny is excited to co-lead the fund with CSF’s student staff and committee, championing the mission of justice-centered sustainability, recognizing the disproportionate negative impact of climate change on communities of color, particularly Black and Indigenous peoples.

Previously, Danny supported international students at Northeastern University–Seattle through mental...

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Husky Sustainability Awards (text by photo of large "W" on the university campus)

The 2024 Husky Sustainability Awards have been awarded to six recipients, as well as a Husky Sustainability Legacy Award honoree.

The winners will be recognized at an award ceremony on Tuesday, May 21 at 3 p.m. in the Burke Museum Cascade Room. All are invited to attend, and the ceremony will be followed by an informal reception with light snacks.

This year's winners include students, faculty and staff who have demonstrated impact, leadership, initiative and dedication to sustainability. This is the 15th year the ...

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scram site with blue and red bins to collect donations

If you are moving out of an HFS residence hall or apartment, you can donate certain items through the UW’s SCRAM (Student Cleanup, Recycle and Moveout) event. Donations will go to various local organizations including the University District Food BankNorthwest Center and DESC. The event runs from ...

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Lauren Schultz

Lauren Schultz has joined UW Sustainability as the Planning and Policy Specialist. In her role, Lauren will be responsible for leading the process of updating the UW's Sustainability Action Plan along with other efforts. Lauren comes to the University of Washington from Triangle Associates, a northwest environmental consulting firm, where she served as an Associate on a variety of natural resource and economic development projects. Lauren brings a strong and diverse skillset to UW, including a technical background in clean energy development, natural resource management, coastal resource...

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Sqwatch the sasquatch planting a carrot, with text "Sqwatch's secrets: Sustainable Diet"

When thinking about sustainability and food, it's important to think about how the food was produced. Food production and transport can be a significant contributor to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing temperatures and changing weather patterns can disrupt the production and availability of food. 

It is important to move towards a sustainable diet when possible, but it may be difficult to know where to start. A sustainable diet does not only mean being conscious of the environment, but also making choices that promote your own health and economic...

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Sqwatch the sasquatch in front of a bus, with the text "Swatch's secrets: getting around"

Cars can be a quick and convenient way to get where you’re going - but they have an invisible impact. In many countries, including the U.S., transportation is the source of the majority of greenhouse gas emissions.

The combustion of fuel in cars and trucks directly contributes to climate change by releasing carbon dioxide into the environment, while also worsening air pollution. To limit these effects when possible, it is important to be intentional with your transportation choices by choosing cleaner...

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rocket shape made from various refurbished items

Winning pieces use art to spark conversations about waste

For the fifth year, artists from around the UW created dazzling art pieces in the annual Trash Art Contest.

UW Recycling received a record-number of submissions from UW students, faculty and staff. Eight winning pieces were selected in four categories. The artwork needed to be created from items normally thought of as trash or a written work about waste and sustainability. Artists were asked to express feelings or ideas about...

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