By Madeline Zschiesche | Dec 12, 2019
Applied Mathematics umbrella sharing program

The Department of Applied Mathematics in Lewis Hall offers programs in applied mathematics and computational finance and risk management (CFRM). The department began to sharpen its focus on sustainability as a result of the UW's increased promotion of environmentally friendly behaviors, and is a Gold Certified Green Office.

Laurie Feldman, CFRM program manager, has taken on the role of keeping the office sustainable to her own workload, filling out the past three Green Office Certifications applications. The office has a focus on waste reduction such as reducing packaging when it is available, and composting and recycling, along with turning off lights and computers when they're not in use.

"Being a sustainable office is good for office morale - people feel good about their choices," said Feldman.

The Department of Applied Mathematics has its own sustainable innovations, such as their umbrella sharing program. Keeping a stash of communal umbrellas encourages faculty and staff to walk in lieu of driving even when it’s drizzling, as it often is. Feldman's advice to other offices struggling to begin the switch to sustainability is to start small, with one change that can become a long term catalyst to doing something more.

Feldman is pictured with Tony Garcia and Sarah Riley in front of Lewis Hall, showing off their umbrella sharing program.