Bike back in time with the Tweed Ride on Oct. 15

It's jolly good time for the UW's first Tweed Ride A Tweed Ride? Why, the concept is simple. Attire yourself in something timeless and tweedy and then tour around our rustic campus by bicycle. Join us for a unique mid-day sojourn which should not be missed! We will stop in select places to admire the finest campus buildings, enjoy sipping hot chocolate, hear tales of the past, and make photographs of our dapper cohort. Meet on the southern face of Hansee Hall just before noon on Thursday, October 15.

Walk your bike in high-traffic areas

If you’re riding your bike in the middle of central campus, pay attention to pedestrians or you could face a $25 fine.

As part of the Bike Walk Zone, bicyclists are expected to walk their bikes when pedestrians are present in heavily trafficked areas, according to Transportation Services. Parts highlighted in blue in the map below mark where the zone begins and ends. You'll also find signs posted in the areas.