By UW Recycling | Jun 20, 2018

You may have read about China’s changing views on recyclable plastic in the news recently. Are you and your colleagues confused about recycling and composting at the University of Washington? Have you heard rumors that it doesn’t really matter what you do — that it all ends up in the trash anyway? Or do you feel like your efforts as an individual won’t make a difference?

Yikes! Hold up!

The truth is the UW Recycling team — of Building Services Department — collects sorted recycling, compost and landfill materials on campus every day. In fiscal year 2017, UW in Seattle kept 7,935 tons of trash out of the landfill; proof that the collective efforts of many individuals ultimately make a difference!

Among the many resources UW Recycling offers are on-site recycling training and presentations known as Trash Talks. Staff members will personally visit your group’s campus location to provide accurate waste diversion information and answer any questions you have about sorting responsibly — as well as what happens to recyclables once they’re put in the bin.

If you think your campus group could benefit from waste diversion training, please email to schedule this service.