By UW Sustainability | Oct 12, 2017
Green Dawgs Certification banner

The new Green Dawgs program at the University of Washington encourages student groups to make their meetings, events, and member practices more sustainable. The program launched this fall, and is looking for a student Program Outreach Ambassador volunteer.

The outreach ambassador would work up to five hours a week to contact and inform student groups about the Green Dawg Certification program.

This position is best for students interested in environmental sustainability and developing professional outreach skills. The ambassador will:

  • Email and call student group leaders to spread word about the program.
  • Visit RSO meetings to explain the certification process.
  • Give brief presentations about the program and its goals to students.
  • Answer any questions that club members may have.

The position will provide an opportunity to develop public speaking skills, phone and email etiquette, interpersonal communication skills, and coordination with a project team.

Please contact if you’re interested this position, or have any questions.