By Karina Mazhukhina | Apr 20, 2016
A photo of Rebeca Rivera's Husky Green Award

Rebeca Rivera has gone above and beyond to involve students, faculty and staff in sustainability efforts across the UW Bothell campus. She is in the process of trying to start a garden at the UW Bothell campus, which is pending approval from the university. If all goes well, Rivera will begin the garden as soon as possible.

The garden will be a common space for growing sustainable food, independent study, and putting on class demonstrations. In an effort to make the future garden as best as it can be, Rivera has collaborated with the UW Farm and other community leaders in sustainable agriculture and education.

"We have to look critically at our practices and ways we can make big and small changes both in individual campuses and institutional structures," said Rivera.

She also dedicates her time in helping students develop leadership skills in sustainability. For example, she frequently engages her students in assessments of the waste streams on campus and encourages waste reduction and composting.

"It has really been wonderful for me as an educator to work with students in this capacity," said Rivera.

The Husky Green Awards recognize the top environmental leaders at the University of Washington. Individuals or groups from all UW campuses are nominated by faculty, staff and students. We featured many of the 2016 nominees on the blog this month. The award ceremony will be held during the April 22 Earth Day celebrations on Red Square.