By Sean Schmidt | Mar 1, 2016

A group of UW faculty is considering a university-community applied research and teaching program called Sustainable City Year. It originated at the U of Oregon and now many universities, including WWU, are running similar programs. The program pairs a city and a university with a budget of $200-300K each year paid by the partner city. The university then utilizes multiple classes across the university to serve and advise the city.

The Department of Urban Design and Planning, with the College of Built Environments, and UW Sustainability have invited the program designer and lead, Marc Schlossberg, from Oregon to give a lecture to provide some information for students, faculty, staff, and the university community. This program promises to be a great opportunity to engage the whole UW in transdisciplinary research, teaching, and community work.

Date | Thursday, March 3rd
Time | 6pm
Location | 147 Architecture Hall
Questions | Contact Sean Schmidt 206-616-1883,