By UW Sustainability | Dec 17, 2015

If you have a great idea for an innovation that will contribute to a healthier planet, there is $50,000 in funding available to help you build a prototype. Don't wait - the deadline to apply for funding is this Sunday, Dec. 20.

Apply here

The funding is available for student teams who want to build prototypes for the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Chal­lenge. The funds can be used to purchase materials, rent equipment, or hire short-term workers with skills beyond the team’s capacity.

These funds are available to students from all colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest. Any product, process or service that reduces waste, minimizes en­ergy consumption, and contributes to a healthier planet is eligible. Re-use, recycling, water usage, energy generation, green consumer prod­ucts, and nanotechnology - all are ripe for innovation.

The prototype funding deadline is this weekend. Teams who wish to participate in the Environmental Innovation Challenge must register by Feb. 21. For more information, go to