By BB Denton | Feb 29, 2024
illustration of Sqwatch, a sasquatch, waving with mountain background. Text says "Blog series: Sqwatch's Secrets for being sustainable"

Have you ever wondered how you can live sustainably to help our global environment flourish? Well look no further! UW Sustainability, with the help of our mascot Sqwatch, will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to reduce your daily environmental impact regularly here on our blog. 

As a sasquatch, it’s important for Sqwatch to take steps to protect the environment that houses and nourishes him. He is excited to share with the UW community the steps that he takes to reduce his impact. If even a bigfoot like Sqwatch can have a small environmental footprint, so can you!  

Creating a sustainable future will take effort on many fronts, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to do what you can do to live more sustainably in your day to day. To help you out, we'll be sharing some of Sqwatch’s Secrets weekly, providing you with ideas on how you can change your daily life to be more eco-friendly. Check the blog or our Instagram page to see these as Sqwatch shares each week.

If you’re ready to join Sqwatch by saving energy, conserving resources, recycling, reusing, and more, you can take the UW Sustainability pledge and help spread the word about Sqwatch’s Secrets!

Sqwatch's secrets: