By UW Sustainability | Feb 3, 2023
PreCycle logo with background of pine trees

The PreCycle Innovation Challenge offers free training and cash prizes for students who have an idea to reduce waste in Washington through innovative entrepreneurship.

The challenge is a pitch competition for the best product, service, or idea that primarily addresses waste reduction. The program is hosted by Seattle Good Business Network and Zero Waste WA, with partial funding from the WA State Department of Ecology. It is open to businesses, individuals, and student teams seeking to advance Washington’s circular, regenerative, and just economy. A circular economy is one that seeks to minimize the use of raw materials, extend the lifespans of materials, and prevent waste from going in our landfills. All ideas must impact waste generated in Washington state.

Participating is free, and includes six-weeks of workshops and mentorship from March 23 to May 7, and a pitch competition with cash prizes. Applications are open until March 13, 2023.

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