By Dalena Huynh | Mar 11, 2016
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The first rebates for labs which have purchased Stirling Ultra Low Freezers rebates have arrived.

If you haven’t heard, Seattle City Light has partnered up with the University to offer a $600 rebate per freezer that each lab purchases. Facilities Services found that these freezers are 6 times more energy efficient than other brands and saves $208 a year in electricity costs. The Burke Museum's Genetic Resources Collection replaced five of their freezers with the Stirling Ultra Low Temperature Freezers in 2015, and appreciate the design for space efficiency and ergonomics as well as the energy advantages.

To read more about the freezer and what labs on campus had to say about the Stirling freezers, see our previous blog post.

For more rebate details, contact:
Claudia Christensen
Purchasing Manager, Procurement Services