By Madeline Zschiesche | Dec 24, 2019
Molecular Information Systems Lab (MISL) manager David Ward

The Molecular Information Systems Lab (MISL) located on the UW Seattle campus specializes in DNA data storage and DNA computation. As a Gold Certified Green Laboratory, sustainability has always been part of the lab's operation, a mindset lab manager David Ward (pictured) credits to being a part of the environmentally conscious Seattle culture.

Ward explained that getting Green Certified was a natural next step for his lab. "We're interested in anything that's an indicator to add or promote sustainability, especially to other labs and buildings," he said.

Being a sustainable lab has its perks, too. MISL saves money by decreasing plastic orders, and efficiency increases as the lab is reorganized for maximum sustainability. Its sustainability mantra can be summed up to doing all the little things - each small act accumulates and makes a big difference.

A Gold Certification is only possible with a great team backing it; Ward wanted to shout out MISL's co primary principle investigators Luis Ceze and Karen Strauss. To learn more about MISL's team and the amazing work they do.