By UW Sustainability | Oct 1, 2020
Program on the Environment Open Spaces Conversations

The UW Program on the Environment is hosting a series of structured conversations this Fall with UW campus leaders who have helped create change, called "On race: Talking, Listening, Making Change." These "Open Spaces Conversations" will happen every Friday at 3 p.m., although some of them will be for Program on the Environment students only. 

The conversations are intended to have both historical and pragmatic dimensions, exploring what key individuals who have helped create change within and beyond this university have leared about the processes of institutional and social change, and reflecting upon how to apply those personal and historical lessons to foster further movement.

Open events in the series include:

  • October 9: Anu Taranath, "Talking about race: Dynamics, difficulties and direction"
  • October 23: Shawn Wong & Terryl Ross, "The UW diversity course requirement: How it came to be"
  • November 6: Chad Allen & Ilsaaksiichaa Ross Braine
  • December 4: Isabel Carrera & BJ Cummings, "Environmental justice education and community action"

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Open Spaces Conversations poster