By UW Sustainability | Apr 12, 2018

Civil and Environmental Engineering students got hands-on experience with energy conservation and renewable energy this winter.

A class taught by assistant professor Amy Kim used a small solar-power installation on More Hall to power everyday office equipment, such as a computer and table lamp. The course looks at developing sustainability strategies for buildings which promote the health and wellness of the occupants.

From the UW Civil and Environmental Engineering news story:

“The students enjoyed the hands-on learning experience and many had follow-up questions,” Kim said. “The next iteration may include students getting involved more with assisting in collecting and analyzing data from the unit.”

In preparation for the class project, four solar panels were installed on the roof of More Hall in fall 2017. The harvested energy is transported from the rooftop to a power station located inside Kim’s first-floor office. 

See the full story at the UW Civil & Environmental Engineering website.

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