By Daimon Eklund | Apr 8, 2016

Green Husky Award nominee Katie Corp is working to make clean energy accessible.

As a graduate student, Corp is researching new materials to use solar energy in splitting water. As a Clean Energy Ambassador with UW's Clean Energy Institute, she connects with high school and middle school students to share her passion for science and clean energy. Her leadership in the program led to her being nominated for a Husky Green Award.

The Clean Energy Institute has a story on their website detailing Corp's work as a Clean Energy Ambassador in a partnership with the Early Engineering Institute, when she worked with 9th and 10th grade students in a four-day program last summer.

“Ever since I can remember, my father has talked about the world running out of energy resources. The passion and urgency from my father has turned clean energy production and storage into a passion of mine. I want to understand the energy transfer processes, and from that, figure out a way to make solar cells efficient and affordable,” Corp said.  “I reach out to the community to inspire young students to pursue science as a career as my family did for me.”

Read the full story here

The Husky Green Awards recognize the top environmental leaders at the University of Washington. Individuals or groups from all UW campuses are nominated by faculty, staff and students. We'll be featuring many of the 2016 nominees on the blog this month. The winners will be announced on April 18, with an award ceremony during the April 22 Earth Day celebrations on Red Square.