By UW Sustainability | Nov 16, 2015

It's time for the annual One Thing Challenge!

The One Thing Challenge is a competition between residence hall students at UW and Washington State University to see which campus is committed to being the greenest. The school with the most participants will gain bragging rights and the ceremonial awarding of the One Thing Cup - a trophy made from recycled materials.

The competition runs this week through Nov. 20. If you live in a residence hall, all it takes is a few clicks: Just open up the survey and choose One Thing that you can do to be a more sustainable person! This could be as easy as turning the lights off when leaving your room, or using a reusable bag when shopping. To take the survey, follow this link:

The One Thing Challenge is an opportunity to commit to making a positive environmental change. By committing to doing One Thing, you’re not radically changing your life, but you are changing one thing, and that one thing can lead to more one things. The best way to change your behavior is by creating new habits. By starting with one thing, you’ll develop greener habits. Eventually, you’ll find that there are many things that you can do to reduce your impact by saving energy, water or fossil fuels. The One Thing Challenge helps you start somewhere.

Come by SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Dedication) tables at Rick's, Local Point and Area 01 on weekday nights with proof of taking the survey and get some cool prizes like lanyards and free ice cream from Ricks!