By Daimon Eklund | Oct 6, 2015

Throughout October, be sure and use your reusable mug for coffee on campus. Not only will it cut consumption and waste - you'll also help UW move the national leaderboard!

During the month of October, the University of Washington is part of the national "Kill the Cup" University Challenge, a campaign to reduce waste from disposable coffee cups by promoting reusable cups. The schools which have the highest rate of reusable cup use and social awareness will earn grants for sustainability projects on campus.

Using your own cup also saves you money - all UW Dining cafes on campus offer 25-cent discounts on coffee drinks when you use your own mug.

UW's Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED) is leading the student participation in the campaign. Students, faculty and staff can help UW take the prize not only by using reusable cups when buying coffee, but also by uploading photos using the Kill the Cup mobile app (iOS download here, Android download here).

UW is one of 16 universities competing in the Kill the Cup Challenge this year. In the first Kill the Cup Challenge in 2015, the campaign saved more than 15,000 cups, eliminating 244 pounds of waste.