By Daimon Eklund | Jan 13, 2015

The Daily took a look at what Seattle's new composting ordinanice means for the University of Washington.

The law prohibiting food waste and compostable items from trash headed to the landfill went into effect on Jan. 1, as part of Seattle's push to divert 60% of the city's waste away from the landfill. UW is already at 60% diversion, but the campus has a goal of 70% waste diversion by 2020.

“To have local legislation that helps that process is something we really welcome and really support,” Housing and Food Services' Business and Sustainability Manager Michael Meyering told The Daily.

UW Recycling has been adding compost bins around campus to help make it easier to properly dispose of food waste and compostable packaging, but they welcome any suggestions to help make composting easier on campus.

Read the full story at The Daily, and see the infographic below for more information on composting at UW (click the picture for a full-size PDF version).

Composting Inforgraphic