By Daimon Eklund | Nov 21, 2014

If you're a UW student living in a residence hall, we need your help this weekend!

The annual One Thing Challenge is a competition between UW and Washington State University to see which campus is committed to being the greenest. The school with the most participants will gain bragging rights and the ceremonial awarding of the One Thing Cup - a trophy made from recycled materials.


The One Thing Challenge is a personal commitment to change one thing in your normal routine in order to be more environmentally friendly.

By committing to One Thing, you're not radically changing your life. However, that One Thing can lead to other One Things, and you'll find that there are many things you can do to save energy, water and fuel to reduce your impact on the environment.

Take the One Thing Challenge pledge:

As a bonus, if you take the One Thing Challenge pledge AND apply for a Green Room Endorsement, UW Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED) will give you a FREE T-Shirt!

Apply for the Green Room Endorsement here: