By UW Sustainability | Jun 25, 2020
sun over Mt Rainier

Feedback from the University of Washington community on the UW’s draft Sustainability Strategy and proposed actions has been published.

The draft Sustainability Strategy was released on Earth Day, April 22. All members of the UW community were invited to take a survey to provide input on the draft - including the guiding principles and targets - and proposed actions.. Those survey results and comments have been compiled and are available as a PDF document.

The feedback has been presented to the Sustainability Plan Executive Committee, the Environmental Stewardship Committee and the Plan Management Team. These initial survey comments will shape the FY22 Action Plan, as well as to suggest additional actions which could be included.

Future planning processes will include surveys and outreach to the UW community earlier in the process to ensure results are considered during the planning phases for the following annual action plans, ensuring more transparency and alignment to the Sustainability Strategy’s principle of centering equity and inclusion. 

The full Sustainability Action Plan, including actions to take in the 2021 fiscal year starting this July, will be published on July 1, 2020 at