By UW Sustainability | Aug 8, 2018
Fitwel Bellevue team

UW Civil & Environmental Engineering researchers helped Bellevue City Hall become the first Fitwel Certified government building in Puget Sound.

Assistant professor Amy Kim and post-doc Shuoqi (Stanley) Wang helped Bellevue city staff through the certification process. One of the leading certifiers of healthy buildings in the United States, Fitwel was developed in recent years by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. General Services Administration, and is operated by the Center for Active Design.

The CEE researchers worked collaboratively with City of Bellevue staff, advising them on the steps to take to achieve certification. The researchers and city staff worked within the existing building’s structural framework, as drastic changes to building operations were unlikely in the short term. Acquired from Qwest, the 350,000 square foot building previously housed telecommunications equipment.

See the full story at the UW Civil & Environmental Engineering website.

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