By UW Sustainability | Jun 22, 2018
Angelica Sagun reading a book while relaxing in a hammock.

Hello! My name is Angelica Sagun and I am currently a senior majoring in Public Health and minoring in Diversity. My interests involve working out and running, traveling, and trying new food with family and friends! Engaging in sustainable practices every day is something I have become increasingly passionate about through the education I have received at the UW. We're fortunate to be at a University that cares about sustainability and it's important to remain conscious about our actions and decisions and the potential impacts it has on the environment as well as on human health.

In the office, I will be working as a Program Assistant, handling scheduling and maintaining communications between UW Sustainability staff and those on and off campus. I will also be working on various projects, like the SAM-MESH initiative. I'm really looking forward to starting this new position, getting to know everyone with UW Sustainability, and learning new things from everyone!