By UW Sustainability | Feb 17, 2021

UW Sustainability and the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) are hiring a joint Program Specialist & Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator. This will be a graduate student position lasting through the summer quarter, with a possibility of continuing through Fall 2021.

This position will coordinate DEI program efforts by working to engage with and listen to the needs of underinvested and marginalized student groups and RSOs in an effort to create an inclusive and equitable sustainability programs within our office. The Sustainability Program Specialist & DEI Coordinator will work closely with UW Sustainability staff and the UW Campus Sustainability Fund.

Update: Applications are due on March 5, 2021.

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Position details

Diversity Statement:

The UW Sustainability (UWS) Office and the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) hold a deep commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity as core principles integral to the work we do. The UWS and CSF value and honor diverse experiences and perspectives, while striving to create welcoming and respectful learning environments and promote access and opportunity for all. The student DEI Coordinator position will provide leadership and vision to center racial equity and environmental justice across UW Sustainability and CSF's programmatic strategies.

Sustainability/CSF Program Specialist & DEI Coordinator will include the following objectives:

  • Coordinate ongoing engagement and education of environmental/climate justice, anti-racism and just transition initiatives that centers equitable social, environmental and economic outcomes for Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) within the UW sustainability office, UW facilities, and across UW programs and departments.
  • Create visibility about sustainability/DEI efforts at UW with new and existing students that will help drive behavior change in support of the University's sustainability goals.
  • Formalize student involvement with metrics and reporting that quantify how the UW supports student participation and interest with sustainability/DEI initiatives and goals.
  • Coordinate information and communication exchange on various student-led organizations on campus through networking and facilitation so that the UWS office is represented amongst diverse student groups.



  • Serve as primary UW Sustainability and; Campus Sustainability Fund DEI Coordinator.
  • Work with staff to implement the UW Diversity Hiring Toolkit for the organization.
  • Includes tools for hiring, office communications, and program development.
  • Coordinate activities centered on equity and inclusion as a guiding principle for the Sustainability Action Plan with focus on Engagement, Academics and Research.
  • Advise Environmental Stewardship Committee & Campus Sustainability Fund Committee on theory and practice related to environmental, social, and health justice.
  • Work with UW Facilities staff to identify inclusion of DEI in operational sustainability goals.
  • Advise on development of CSF grant proposal opportunities that seek to specifically address the ways in which environmental injustice disproportionately impacts Black and Indigenous communities.
  • Advise CSF project applicants on proposal development for new projects; help to center existing projects in DEI and environmental/social justice.
  • Co-Lead UWS/CSF partnerships with organizations across campus including UW Resilience Lab, ECC, and academic departments.
  • Serve as liaison between CSF and UWS to ensure there is alignment in programming, communications, and latest projects/initiatives.


  • Develop a program of quarterly inclusive outreach and communications to student groups, departments, co-curricular programs and student government.
  • Work closely with Student Life to establish relationships with key student-serving programs (e.g. Campus Food Pantry, ASUW, GPSS, ECC, etc).
  • Respond to project specific inquiries and support the office with communications to university staff, faculty, and students about office activities and resources.
  • Other projects and duties as assigned to support the listed objectives.

Required Qualifications:

  • Understanding of and commitment to environmental justice, social equity and sustainability.
  • Currently enrolled graduate student at the UW through 2021-2022.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with coordinating and implementing systems-based solutions centered on sustainability, environmental/climate justice, anti-racism and social equity.
  • Commitment to racial justice and demonstrated ability to interact effectively across racially diverse teams, partners, and experiences.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain and create relationships with student and departmental groups through attending meetings, events, or completing necessary outreach.
  • An understanding of the environmental/climate justice movements, as well as its limitations and shortcomings currently and throughout history.
  • An understanding of environmental justice, the climate crisis, and the ways in which it disproportionately affects Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).