By UW Sustainability | Dec 4, 2014

Finding the answer to the age-old question: are electric vehicles better than diesel?

If questions like this that deal with the environment and sustainability interest you, then create a proposal and apply to the Green Seed Fund!  Awarded $32,170, one group from last year’s funding cycle is working with the University of Washington Botanic Gardens to research electric and biodiesel utility vehicles. Using surveys to measure the use and opinions of the vehicles by staff and an opacity meter to measure the pollution from the diesel vehicle, this team is monitoring the vehicles in terms of carbon footprint and usability by the horticulture and maintenance staff for a year.  By 2015, the team will know what the most feasible alternative is to the diesel vehicles currently used by the gardens.

To get your research project funded, make sure a student, staff, and faculty member are on board and apply at by 5 p.m. on December 11th.