The Leopold Pollen and Seed Laboratory wins the 2015 Arts & Sciences Greenest Lab competition
March 2, 2015

The Leopold Pollen and Seed Laboratory headed by Professor emeritus Estella B. Leopold took the top spot as the “greenest lab” in the 2014-2015 University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences Green Laboratory Competition.

The UW Green Laboratory Certification program conducted the competition as an opportunity for labs to test their sustainability chops and strive to be the greenest research facilities on campus. Each year the competition moves to a different school or college. This year, the competition was open to all laboratories within  the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Leopold Lab was the overall winner with a score of 107 percent, which includes bonus points in some areas. They were particularly strong in the communication and education section of the application. As an example of how the lab uses open communication lines with other neighboring labs in Johnson Hall to advance sustainability, they said, "We've ‘borrowed' a cup of solution from one lab and ‘lent' out cover slips, slides and other supplies when need presents itself.”

In addition, Leopold Lab has EnergyStar appliances, computer and monitors; and uses efficient compact fluorescent and LED lamp lights whenever possible. 

The Physics Instrument Shop came in second place with an overall score of 99 percent, and the Biology 302 Instructional Lab was in third at 93 percent.

This is the second UW Green Laboratory Competition. In 2013, the DeLuca Lab won the College of the Environment Green Laboratory Competition.

The UW Green Laboratory Certification program recognizes labs which make efforts to reduce energy consumption and utilize other environmentally-conscious practices. Since the program launched two years ago, nearly 50 labs across the University of Washington have received green certification.