News Source: 
UW Daily
May 19, 2014

The ASUW has announced that the Student Food Cooperative (UWSFC), previously a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the UW, will become an ASUW entity beginning in June.

UWSFC is an RSO that, for the past several years, has reached out to students at the UW to teach them about making better and more sustainable food choices.

“We’re really excited to be an entity of ASUW,” UWSFC director Matt Wildey said. “It’s a really great opportunity to reach out to a significant group of students that we weren’t able to reach out to before.”

The organization started out originally with a plan to begin a student-run food cart on campus that would sell sustainable food. It then turned into an organization that aims to teach students about food sustainability through various programs, in addition to trying to get the food cart on campus.

“[UWSFC is] a really phenomenal service, helping students find food around where they live and then showing them how to cook it,” said Burgess Malarkey, ASUW director of service and partnerships.

Malarkey said there have been attempts in the past from ASUW to partner with UWSFC to begin working on starting the proposed food cart. However, after a task force met with the organization at the start of winter quarter, ASUW decided the best option would be to turn the organization into an ASUW entity.