April 9, 2015

The UW Sustainability office is launching a timeline of University of Washington's achievements and milestones in sustainability and environmental stewardship. The project, "A Century of Sustainability," includes entries dating back to the earliest days of the current UW site in 1895 and includes highlights up to the present day. You can view the timeline at: sustainability.uw.edu/timeline

This project, launched just weeks before the 45th anniversary of Earth Day at the UW, was put together to highlight the connections between our current sustainability efforts and the historical culture of the UW, which has always had close ties to the environment, from the first forestry class and food-producing farm in 1895, to the creation of the College of the Environment and submission of our Climate Action Plan in 2009.

We do not believe the timeline as it exists today is a final and comprehensive accounting of UW's sustainability history. We intend for this timeline to be a living document, updated as new efforts happen and as we learn more about UW's sustainable past. 

If you have an entry that you'd like to see on the timeline, email sustainability@uw.edu to have it added.