Sustainability in the Arts survey...response requested!

Sustainability in the Arts (SITA) banner

UW Sustainability has launched a Sustainability in the Arts initiative this quarter! The goal is to look at how sustainability can be addressed both behind the scenes in different arts departments, venues, materials etc. as well as how themes of sustainability can be used as content in artworks. The initiative is still in its brainstorming phase and a lot of its outcome will be determined by input from students, faculty, and staff.

Art in Action

Paper lanterns painted as globes.

One aspect of the UW Sustainability in the Arts (SITA) initiative involves looking at art as a way to communicate about sustainability. Art can play a huge role in sustainability through embodying environmental themes and supporting activism as well as bringing people together on these issues. One event I was particularly interested in that effectively brought together art and activism was the recent DeFund from DAPL mass action.