By Daimon Eklund | May 22, 2019
Green Certification programs

UW Sustainability is pleased to introduce a new and improved Green Office Program and Green Lab Certification! We've updated both programs to reflect feedback we've received from participants over the past few years, as well as changes to UW policies. Some improvements you'll notice are:

  • A more targeted, streamlined application.
  • More opportunities to gain points for personal sustainable behavior.
  • Updated, more user-friendly Green Office and Green Lab Resources pages.
  • More links to resources for your office and/or lab.
  • New Green Lab questions on handling lead-containing materials.

Know of an office or lab interested in being greener, or one that's already doing a great job? Have them check out the Green Office Program or Green Lab Certification!

Learn more

Have questions on or want to learn more about either the Green Office Program or the Green Lab Certification? Take a look at the Green Certifications webpage or contact Green Certification Coordinator Julie Tolmie at