By UW Sustainability | Sep 30, 2015

The UW Sustainability mascot, Sqwatch, has a love of the environment so deep his heart is green (and he's clearly got a passion for purple and gold). As a sasquatch, Sqwatch is well versed in leaving now trace and making sure his impact on the environment is minimal. Even a bigfoot can have a small environmental footprint, and Sqwatch is here to help spread the knowledge to the UW community.

We'll be letting you in on some of Sqwatch's Secrets every week, providing easy tips to reduce your impact and leave a lighter footprint.

If you're ready to join Sqwatch by saving energy, promoting sustainable food, conserving water, protecting green space, increasing recycling, and reducing reliance on polluting modes of transportation, take the UW sustainability pledge and help spread the word about Sqwatch's Secrets!

Full List of Squatch's Secrets for Leaving No Trace
Buy Less Stuff
Buy Second Hand
Reduce Food Waste
Paperless Waste
Drive Less
Power down for the holidays
Buy Local
Compost, compost, compost!
Conserve water

Sqwatch came from Rachel Jackson of Vox Fabuli Puppets. See more of her work at